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You Were Born to

Nourish, Flourish and Thrive


"I'm here with a mission to empower  you to recovery from disordered eating and develop lifelong  positive and compassionate relationships with food and your body"

Nourishing Routes 1 to 1 Mentoring

By using compassionately led 1 to 1 support sessions, we will use the Nourishing Routes philosophy to empower you to live more compassionately, power up the self-love in your life, and break free from disordered eating and poor body image.



There is no doubt that 1 to 1 coaching is a powerful route to positively transform your life, allow relationships to flourish, become your authentic self and reach your full potential as the amazing being you were born to be.

IsNourishing Routes Coaching For Me?

Nourishing Routes 1 to 1  Coaching is a  
 is uniquely tailored to you. It It may be helpful if you have ever experienced any of the following issues in relation to food, body and your self-worth

1 to 1 coaching

Food & Body

You constantly beat yourself up for not working hard enough, eating the right foods, having the best diet, looking a certain way or achieving a certain standard
You are currently struggling with / in recovery from an eating disorder or form of disordered eating, such as anorexia, othorexia, bulimia, binge eating etc
You fear certain ‘unhealthy’ foods, overeating or skipping your usual exercise routine
You are obsessed with eating healthy, clean food in a way that limits the physical and mental energy you can direct to other activities
You chronically feel the need to restrict your food intake
You flit from one diet or food fad to the next in the hope it will help you feel better, lose weight, avoid experiencing guilt, or gain approval from others
Your routine around food, exercise or work has become so rigid that you feel guilty or unworthy of pleasure if not all goes as planned
Negative thoughts and fears about food rule your experience of enjoyment, fun, work and relationships